Exploring how Silence and the Contemplative Way infuse into our ordinary everyday active lives, how Awareness manifests itself, and how we respond to the call to surrender to the divinity within.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Deep Unknowing

O Innocent One who trembles
Your naked wound exposed
The silent heart is pounding
And pain of yearning burns

When all else fails and the heart sinks low
When others fall short in their reach
And you are left all alone

O pity of heaven upon me
And ears of all who can hear
Bring down your fortress over me
Fortify the walls and strengthen the gates 
And let Peace reign again once more

Breathe deeper still
You are not alone
I Am Here
Let all be Mine, yes all

The pushing undone
The Silence quietens
The running slows

There is no place to hide
No stones left unturned
Only the bowing to the deep Unknowing.

 Image courtesy of imgkid.com